Many people are facing the important decision of whether to purchase long-term care insurance. Most people buy long-term care insurance to protect assets, preserve independence and provide quality care. Without long-term care insurance you face paying the cost yourself, possibly depleting your retirement savings or looking to the government for care.

With long-term care insurance you'll place less of a burden your family financially, and you can remain independent.

Long-Term Care Insurance Helps to Cover:

  • Medical and non-medical care to people who have a chronic illness or disability
  • Daily activities such as bathing, eating, dressing
  • Skilled nursing care or rehabilitation training either at home, in the community, in assisted living or in nursing homes
  • Cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's and deals with care-oriented conditions, not cure oriented

It is important to remember that you may need long-term care at any age.


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